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Vice President – Heavy Civil Division


Full oversight of $75M heavy civil division. This position covers both business development (bidding, estimating, strategy) and operations. Working with the President, the VP will help form and drive the strategic vision for the division and be in charge of both project profitability, backlog, safety, QA/QC, and workforce growth from laborer to Exec. Project Manager. The goal is to unlock the potential of the division. Employer is a well known, highly established, multi-division CT based General Contractor. If your looking for an executive level opportunity, this is the perfect role. Is it time for you to manage your own P&L, time for you to steer the ship vs. shovel the coal? These executive level roles don't come along too often. Contact us today.


  • Business Development - Seek out projects to be bid both in private and public markets
  • Manage backlog of work and determine (with assistance of President) bid mark-up and project risk assessment. During estimating process, help chief estimator with risk assessment, productivity estimates and general overall assessment of project
  • Manage the legal ramifications of all contractual relationships in construction i.e.: owner-contractor, contractor-subcontractor, CM-subcontractor, contractor-bonding company, architect/engineer-contractor, and owner-subcontractor.
  • Negotiate contract terms with owner. ( Assisted by President and Controller)
  • Oversee and motivate project engineering/management staff
  • Oversee scheduling
  • Hire, motivate and dismiss superintendents, project engineers, project managers (Assisted by President and HR)
  • Work cooperatively with other division managers to effectively allocate company resources ( labor and equipment)
  • Be ultimately responsible for the safety of all personnel and property on all projects within the division and work co-operatively with the safety director to insure the successful implementation of our safety goals.
  • Is ultimately responsible for the quality of the product constructed by the division and will manager quality control protocols on all projects performed by the division
  • Is responsible for the profitability of the division including the cost containment of both divisional and home office overhead
  • Works cooperatively with the equipment division to fully and efficiently utilize the equipment and to contain maintenance and repair costs
  • Works cooperatively and harmoniously with the paving division vice president to maximize the efficiency of both divisions and to positively impact company image.
  • Manage backlog and profitability without assistance from president
  • Conduct all negotiations with owner
  • Hire motivate and dismiss, when necessary, all staff within the division.
  • Act as a mentor to ambitious and qualified staff within the division. Help encourage and develop the career of others therefore limiting attrition of the top talent in the company
  • Formulate and implement strategic planning for the division
  • Strive to grow the division to new highs
  • Find, train, promote younger engineers to positions of project engineer, superintendent and project manager as replacements for departing/retiring existing managers
  • Help the division enter the design/build market
  • Diversify the division back into non-DOT projects
  • Improve roles, responsibilities, objectives and accountability for supervisors, managers and foremen in the division


  • Is a team centered leader that will enthusiastically promote a safe, efficient, positive, & respectful code of conduct.
  • This leader will be able to put its own ego aside and work on making the TEAM successful.
  • Has a high level of energy is extroverted and is capable of infecting the division with energy and purpose
  • Is self-motivated without being egotistical. Will maintain an open mind to the possibilities, ideas and composition of their team. Will remain unbiased while leading the team
  • Minimum 15 years related industry experience. Heavy Civil - Heavy Highway (DOT Projects)


DOE - Not ruling out anything for the right candidate



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