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If you are considering a new construction employment opportunity, you have come to the right place. ProSearch will work with you to fully understand your career goals and objectives. We will introduce you to matching opportunities and then help guide you through the entire process from interview to onboarding. James and John personally handle all candidate consultations. As such, all discussions are completely confidential and will be handled in a professional manner. Please take a moment to read a few of our candidate testimonials below.

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  • Recently I had the good fortune to work with John Costello. I was looking to make a huge move from Florida to New England. I have been in the asphalt paving industry for over 30 years in Florida and was looking for a challenge. I visited with John over the phone and told him what I was looking for. I had a few impossible requests and really didn’t think John was going to be able to find what I was looking for. I was wrong! Not only did John find a company that fit my needs he found a perfect fit for me and the company I now work for. John Costello met with me when I flew up to Massachusetts before my interview. He negotiated a perfect deal for me. Here is what I can say about John, he listened to everything we talked about and really was on top of everything during this process. I would recommend John and have recommended him to anyone looking for a construction management position. Thank you John Costello. My wife and I are very grateful for everything you did for us.

    Asphalt Paving Operations Manager

    Heavy Highway General Contractor

  • “After owning a very successful heavy-civil construction company, John has a wide network of contacts all throughout the construction industry that he has personally worked with for so many years. These long standing relationships are so beneficial in understanding first-hand his clients needs and company culture, as well as helping individuals find fulfilling careers and positions better suited to them. He is always honest, excellent to work with, and most importantly, truly cares about finding the right fit for clients and candidates to ensure a successful career for both.”

    Project Superintendent

    Heavy Highway General Contractor

  • I was looking to leverage my experiences in strategy, performance management and technology innovation and contribute to the growth and performance of a company looking to transform itself for future success.   John and I had in depth conversations about my future career goals, and how my skills could benefit my future employer.  John found me an excellent opportunity which allows me to use my skills in a fulfilling and rewarding career path.  If you are looking to find your niche in the construction industry, look no further than ProSearch International.

    Asphalt Paving Division Manager

    Medium Size Asphalt Manufacturer / Lay down Contractor

  • I’m very pleased to recommend John Costello with Costello Industries. I have been consistently impressed with Mr. Costello’s attitude since the first day he contacted me for a Chief Operating Officer position with the company he was representing. During the time that he had helped me with the recruitment process, I found Mr. Costello very friendly, intelligent, and hard-working. Mr. Costello was instrumental in my decision to accept the position I applied for by going to great lengths to ensure that I was the best candidate for the position and by immediately addressing any fears I had about my career transition.  He did a phenomenal job representing the best interests for the company he was recruiting for while ensuring that I was the best applicant; he fostered a win-win for all parties involved. He was consistently available to help me with locating a new home and was very helpful with my move from Alaska to Connecticut to begin my new career.  I definitely recommend Mr. Costello for recruiting professionals for all types of businesses. Mr. Costello has a praiseworthy ability to work with businesses to recruit the best talent and goes out of his way to ensure that the talent he finds is the right fit for the company he represents. I am proud to say that Mr. Costello has become a friend through this process. I highly recommend businesses to work with him to recruit prospective talent and for people looking for new employment opportunities.   

    Executive Vice President

    Connecticut Design-Build General Contractor

  • After I connected with James on LinkedIn, he called me to introduce himself, 30 min’s later I had outlined for James exactly what type of companies I was looking for along with what type projects I am most effective at building, the geography I was willing to travel and compensation I was seeking. James just listened, not once did he tell me I should look at any specific Contractor, he simply said he was going to need a few days to figure out a best plan of attack. When James called me back,  he recommended we engage the services of another Recruiter that he respects, and I agreed. A week later I had been on three interviews and accepted a job with a Contractor that has an excellent reputation that met all my expectations, mainly the right type of projects, location and money.  I appreciated James listening to what I wanted, and not automatically telling me how he had all these great opportunities with companies that at the end of the day were not a good match for what I like to build. I’ve enjoyed my initial two months with my new Employer and I have already recommended two of my Superintendent buddies to James to see if he can lend them a hand in finding their ideal job.  I appreciate James helping me find the right company that is an excellent fit for what I was looking for.

    Larry W.

    Traveling Superintendent, southeastern US

  • John, Please allow me to Thank YOU! Your determination, faith, and dedication to your objective has brought some great news to my family along with a great opportunity for me in these hard times we are facing presently. Your attitude and professionalism have proved you well and make you the best in your business and I thank you for believing in me.

    Project Superintendent Atlanta, Ga.

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